How Lucrative Is Massage Chairs Business

If you’re looking for a way to make money without working for someone else, then you pretty much have to either become self-employed or start your own business. For a business to be successful, it’s best to offer something that fills a demand that exists yet people aren’t generally aware of but actually do need fulfilled. Starting up a spot in a shopping mall where people can get massages is one such business opportunity that is surprisingly robust.

This kind of business is pretty much a combination of arranging floor space on the main concourse with mall management, hiring some massage therapists, and finding massage chairs for sale. In this kind of business, you’re not looking for a full spa providing hour-long massages on private beds, but just quick and cheap massages on chairs for shoppers looking to take a quick break.

Nearly every consumer that goes into a shopping mall could probably spare five bucks for a quick massage. They might be there to hang out and do some shopping to relax and whittle away stress, and massage work certainly slides right into that theme. They might also be there to get serious shopping done as part of their to-do list, and again, massage work can help them deal with their current stress very directly. Even store and mall employees might want to stop by and treat themselves on their breaks, and everyone can stand to relax during the holiday madness.

Since you’d be setting up in the main concourse space, your only real investment into physical property would be the massage chairs for sale that you buy, as well as perhaps some ropes, poles, and signs to designate your space and lines. The rest goes to rent and payroll, which you can manage.