5 Proven Benefits Of SIP Trunking

Companies are increasingly adopting the use of VoIP to make calls and with that they require the means to transition their phone systems into more VoIP based communications. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) has been the answer to that.

This cloud-based technology allows companies to replace the traditional telephone trunks connecting their phone system with the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). SIP is also an IETF standard for multimedia initiations meaning that it has become the means to deliver video over the Internet too. This allows for additional features such as video conferencing through the phone system.

SIP trunking offers the following Benefits

1. Mobility & Flexibility

SIP trunking makes the most of the Internet. Location is no longer a limitation since it is hosted over the Internet. Companies can now access their cloud-hosted phone systems from any location in the world and receive and make VoIP calls as long as they have access to a stable Internet connection. This is an important feature considering that the modern working environment is one moving towards a telecommuting workforce that is always on the move.

2. Scalability

SIP trunking allows you to have a phone system that can adjust to the needs of your business. With SIP trunking it is easy to remove or add phone numbers or even add or delete extensions depending on the company’s growth.

3. Virtual Presence

SIP and VoIP make it possible for companies to establish their presence in various locations across the world without being physically present there. For instance, it is possible to get a local number people in the community can call even if you have no physical presence there.

4. Cost Reduction

SIP trunking makes it possible to have flat rates for long distance and local calls thus reducing actual calling rates significantly. The ability to implement a phone system with extensions means that users in the system can easily communicate and call each other without any extra costs.

5. Unified Communications

SIP permits the transmission of various communication tools including video, data, and voice. This allows the SIP trunking providers to combine different communication tools including voice, fax, and others into a single phone system. This makes it possible for them to offer a streamlined phone system combining advanced communication features to companies of different sizes.

Final Thoughts

SIP trunking offers many benefits to companies of different sizes. If you would like to enjoy the benefits of SIP trunking discussed in this article, you should consider finding a competent SIP service provider.

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